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P.L. Mountzoures Inc. has been helping the Southeastern Connecticut Shoreline with their home improvements, roofing, bathroom remodels, and more since 1982! We have our very own large wood working shop that we can use to perfect your project and our team is continually growing. 

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Is Your Home Due for a new Coat of Paint?

At PL Mountzoures, we specialize in breathing new life to your house's exterior. Whatever your home improvement job entails we always come prepared for any job. We have years of experience working with vinyl, brick, and stucco exteriors along with painting window and door frames. Our team of professional painting contractors in Old Saybrook Painters bring the best materials and expertise to get the job done right. With our wide range of paint colors that we source from different manufacturers, there is always an option for whatever new look you want your house to take or what option can boost your house's protection.  

As painters that has served Old Saybrook Painters for over 30 years, we strive to help the community and the people that make it up by providing a service that is second to none. We do that by making a process that makes it easy to get in contact with our Waterford CT based contractors and get an estimate for their project with any hurdles. We come out to evaluate the scope of work that your project needs and provide an estimate, whether its painting over a worn porch or putting on a new coat on a brick wall. After that, we send out our Waterford CT painting contractors to get the job done right.

Even after our work is done in your home, we quickly respond to any follow up questions from our clients with the same tenacity as the one that we brought the same day we started our work. With PL Mountzoures, you aren't just in good hands you are in the best hands in Old Saybrook Painters

To get in touch in our Old Saybrook Painters by phone at (860) 434-9540 or request a free quote at the bottom of our page.

Learn our Tools for the Trade

With over three decades of expertise means that our contractors can take any project you have in mind we here at PL Mountzoures can turn those ideas into reality. Get to know the different types of paint that we use on a job and what benefits they can offer your house. Many factors go into what our painting contractors use on any given project such as your house's construction, the goals of the project, the and the climate of your region.

Acrylic Latex paints

  • The number one choice for many of our jobs. This type of paint comes in a wide range of colors finishes (Flat, Oil-based, Stain). Our Old Saybrook Painters use flat paint in indoor applications because it works well with its matte texture. Satin has a good sheen to it and that works well with wood siding and offers better protection. Semi-gloss has the most protection and for that has found its way to be being used on windows and trim for that fact. All of these finishes share the traits of being able to clean with water, and handling temperature fluctuation well.

Exterior Stain paints  

  • This type of paint highlights the natural textures and shine in wood and helps to protect them from the outside elements. Exterior stains aren't as protective as paint because sunlight and weathering can still bypass the stain and affect the underlying wood. You only need to wash and remove any existing stain on the area. There are different finishes of stains that vary in the amount of underlying wood you can see and the protection that they offer. As a Old Saybrook Painters we use this paint on many historical restorations to preserve the integrity of the house

Oil based paints

  • A durable paint that once was the standard in interior and exterior uses but has lost favor in many house in Old Saybrook Painters due to acrylic's popularity. But it is still an option that our painters in Old Saybrook Painters weigh as a viable paint type. The appeal of oil-based paint is that over time it will harden and gain even more protection, which is why it gained use on handrails and walkways. However, a negative of that value is that the paint itself can become brittle with exposure and achieve a cracked texture.

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