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P.L. Mountzoures Inc. has been helping the Southeastern Connecticut Shoreline with their home improvements, roofing, bathroom remodels, and more since 1982! We have our very own large wood working shop that we can use to perfect your project and our team is continually growing. 

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Remodeling a house can revamp the entire layout and dynamic of a house.

With PL Mountzoures, our team of professional in remodeling contractor Waterford CT specializes in flooring, custom finishes, custom woodworking, remodels, restorations, and house additions. But our service don't just stop there, our services can cover almost every part of a house. The over three decades of expertise means that our remodeling contractors can take any project you have in mind we here at PL Mountzoures can turn those ideas into reality. And we will keep you updated with the remodeling process every step of the way.

At PL Mountzoures, we want to make the remodeling process a painless as possible. This starts by making first contact and arranging a time when one of our contractors can come to your home for an estimate. After they evaluate the scope of work that your project needs, whether its handcrafting cabinets by one of our licensed carpenters or its restoring a dated kitchen. After we sign onto a project, we send out our Waterford CT remodeling contractors to get the job done right.

Our timetables are centered around the project needs, goals, and with our customers expectations. And to fulfill that expectation we listen to what our clients have to say and assess the plans put in play to make sure that the end result is project worth looking at. As we strive to be the best remodeling contractors in Waterford CT and to serve the people that make it up we work to make the process of remodeling hassle free. The produces a service that is second to none within our field.

Even after our work is done in your home, we quickly respond to any follow up questions from our clients with the same tenacity as the one that we brought the same day we started our work. With PL Mountzoures, you aren't just in good hands you are in the best hands in Waterford CT.

To get in touch in our remodeling contractors in Waterford CT by phone at (860) 434-9540 or request a free quote at the bottom of our page.

We look at each part of home as something that is beyond what a floor plan call it or materials that made it.

Kitchens - A kitchen is beyond a place where food is kept and plumbing exists. It is a hub for the family and a heart of a house because at the end of the day, everybody has to eat. From replacing sinks to give a new gleam to the room to installing cabinetry custom made from our carpenters, bringing a new life to any room in a home is something that our remodeling contractors in Waterford CT are specialized in.

Bathrooms - Often the last place that is given attention on a build or is just a number when buying a house. But a bathroom can be a retreat from the world and a spa like experience. Remodeling showers to help lift the stress of the world better with entire shower system replacement and installing glass walls to give a seamless transition on a single gaze. Or flipping a regular tub into a Jacuzzi to really bring out the lavish style of a home.

Additions - An expansion to your private slice of the world and growth to the memories that your home creates and you carry with you. Over the years we have created sunrooms to bring in more nature and the sense of the outdoors into a home. Increased the footage on a deck to open more options during the spring showers, summer heat, or cool fall. Attached garages to help give cars a place to stave off the elements and make repairs easier for the human and machine involved. Our Waterford CT remodeling contractors are veterans in the industry and have around the blocks making anything our client can dream of become a reality and a part of their family life for years to come.

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