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A helpful piece of information

If you are considering a super creative home improvement idea that will add that natural feeling to any space and stimulate your senses, then the installation of a quality skylight is a step in the right direction. When the skylight is installed in your living room or any space in the building, it eliminates artificial lights thereby bringing the sun and nature closer to you. In addition to that, it is a sure fire way of reducing the cost of your energy bills.

Apart from providing ventilation and illuminating the house, hiring roofing contractors in Waterford CT can be great for homeowners who are environmentally conscious install the skylight since it brings in sunlight into the house which has so many benefits - it is a natural source of vitamin D, it helps to reduce seasonal mood disorders and other depression symptoms.

However, you need to work with a Waterford roofing company that's knowledgeable about the installation procedure and other precautionary measures that should be taken before you can successfully install a functional skylight. This knowledge is beneficial whether you prefer a DIY method or you want to engage a professional.

So roll up your sleeves and read through this article to enable you to enjoy the sunshine in the comfort of your home.

Types and variations of skylight

For you to make a right decision about the type of skylight to install, you need to know that they come in variations. There are fixed skylights, vented, domed and flat. Though the major types of skylight are:


Tubular and

Vented skylights

While the fixed skylights are designed to be rigid, sealed and virtually leak-proof, the vented skylights are flexible and can be opened manually or electronically – depending on your choice and budget. An experienced roofing company in Waterford CT will be able to decipher which are the necessary installation fashion.

If you prefer to install the vented skylight in your home, you should pay adequate attention to the installation because that will determine to a larger extent how leak-proof the skylight will be. Before making the purchase, make sure that riveted and soldered flashing kits are included in the park.

The vented skylight is a homeowners dream product because of its flexibility. You can conveniently open it for ventilation and it prevents the issue of moisture buildup in addition to coming in different shapes. But the possibility of experiencing leakages is the only disadvantage of the vented skylight. This is another point best discussed with Waterford CT roofing companies, as they have contractors prepared for these unique situations.

Nevertheless, some manufacturers of the conventionally vented skylights have made massive improvements to stop leakages or drastically minimize it during heavy rains or storms.

The tubular skylights are designed to be installed at entryways and hallways. They are most suitable for public locations, through their provision of natural is only minimal

Other considerations before buying and installing the skylight

Do more research.

Although this article contains enough information about skylights, you can do more research before deciding on the type of skylight to install. The purchase and installation of the skylight is a serious undertaking, so you should not give room for regrets.

Further research about the available products of skylights will give you more information on water tightness, energy efficiency, load and wind resistance as well as ventilation. Investing more time in gathering more information about this innovative home improvement fixture is more beneficial. The right roofing companies in Waterford CT will choose the better quality materials to prevent leakage or short-term damage.

Skylight positioning

The positioning of the skylight is a very important consideration when you want natural sunlight. The skylights should be positioned where the sun rays are prominent in your house. Basically, natural illumination is a basic factor in skylight installation. Therefore, you need to monitor the direction of sunrays in your home.

The type of glass used in manufacturing the skylight should also be considered before you buy. Laminated glass is preferable than the tempered glass because it is stronger and doesn’t break into small pieces when hit by trees or heavy objects during severe weather conditions

Hire a reputable roofing company Waterford CT

If you did not have the time or expertise to go through the rigorous processes of skylight installation, it’s advisable to hire certified roofing contractors in Waterford CT. The Waterford CT roofing company will give you an expert recommendation on the right type to buy, and they will efficiently install the skylight.

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